Croyle-Nielsen Therapeutic Associates, Inc. (C-NTA) constantly strives to leave the world a better place than we found it!

We believe that a healthy company is about much more than making a profit. To us, operating a healthy company is about serving the needs of our clients, providing a great experience for our employees, and making a positive impact on people’s lives within the communities we serve.

At C-NTA, we provide mental and behavioral health therapy solutions, psychological testing services, and psychiatric services to individuals from all walks of life.  Our therapists are some of the best, most caring individuals we’ve ever experienced.  They continually ensure the well-being of our clients making them the highest priority through effective, top quality, person-centered practices while upholding the highest professional and ethical standards.

We also provide services tailored to adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), including behavior support services, home and community services, supported employment services, community participation services, and residential services.  Our IDD employees are creative, compassionate, caring and ensure that our IDD individuals are living their best lives while maintaining their well-being and safety as their top priority.

Our Mission

At Croyle-Nielsen we don’t see success as a singular concept. We believe that to be truly successful, we must make a difference both through the work we do with our clients and though our works in our communities. That is why we have not one, but two mission statements; one dedicated to our work with our clients and one to the work we do in our communities!

Meet Our Founders

Amy M. (Croyle) Nielsen: President


Jesper P. Nielsen: Chief Executive Officer

Our Story

The beginning

Croyle-Nielsen Therapeutic Associates, Inc. builds on a long history of excellence started by Dr. Grant Croyle, a renowned and respected clinician, who founded our Johnstown practice in 1989 when he started Croyle Psychological Associates.

Through hard work and uncompromising dedication to providing quality psychological services, Dr. Croyle was able to grow the practice and over the years it gained a reputation as one of the very best providers of behavioral health services in the Laurel Highlands.

A new owner and a new name

After a brief period of ownership by one of Dr. Croyle’s former clinicians, Carole Serbin, the practice returned to Croyle family ownership in 2013, when Dr. Croyle’s niece, Amy M. (Croyle) Nielsen, a distinguished and respected Behavior Support Specialist in her own right, purchased the Johnstown practice with her husband Jesper P. Nielsen. Amy and Jesper have long been passionate about improving the lives and circumstances of others and therefore the acquisition of the practice founded by Dr. Croyle was a natural fit.

A new name was chosen to reflect the continued involvement of the Croyle family and adherence to the values that Dr. Croyle had established, while signaling an expansion of the scope of the services offered and that a new company with a more expansive vision had emerged. The name became Croyle-Nielsen Therapeutic Associates, Inc.

Continued growth

Since 2013, the company has grown significantly and continues to grow. A second location was added in Somerset in February 2014, and a number of new services were launched, including behavior support and trauma informed therapeutic solutions and training services. We continue to grow the company by offering new services and expanded locations, and are excited about what our future holds.

According to CEO and Co-Owner Jesper P. Nielsen, a large part of the growth is due to an uncompromising dedication to quality, the recruitment of top notch clinicians and employees, and a servant leadership style, which brings all team members into decisions regarding the values and direction of the company.