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Angie Richards, LCSW, has mastered more than 20 years serving her local community in the realm of mental health wellness. With her therapy background, she’s excellent at untangling workplace toxicity and unproductive or disengaged teams and merging a solution-focused approach with her mental health expertise to help companies improve their culture. She also will bring a sense of humor and quirky flair that won’t ever feel “clinical” but instead will leave a profound impact on your employees.

Angie Richard, MSW, LCSW

Initial Consultation

Ms. Richards will begin with a consultation meeting with your leadership team to assess your needs. Our focus is to help YOU! Explain your weaknesses and frustrations and we will tailor a custom corporate plan to help you in the best way possible.

Tailored Solution

Collaborate with your team to put together a successful training solution package for any group of employees.  Whether you want her to meet with one department of your company that may be struggling or an entire group of managers, her diverse coaching talent can help any number of employees.


After we start our consulting sessions we will communicate with you the tools that your business will need to implement for continued growth. Our ultimate goal is to increase your team’s resiliency, decrease your turnover, and offer your leadership team the ability to build a more satisfactory employee experience ultimately bringing your company to the next level of leadership.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Employee burnout

  • Compassion fatigue: The cost of caring.

  • Empowerment: Finding your voice within passive, aggressive, assertive work environments

  • Setting healthy boundaries: Why it’s important and how to make it work for you
  • Worker disengagement leading to quiet quitting

  • Creating solution-focused work environments

  • Management styles

  • Conflict Resolution

  • What’s your superpower?  Recognizing and honing in on your hidden skills

  • Healthy communication skills: Positive negotiation tactics with effective and supportive communication strategies

In addition to these topics, Ms. Richards can also speak on mental health aspects separately around signs, symptoms and support for those with deprecation, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, etc.

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