As part of our continuous commitment to improving the quality of life for as wide of a population as possible, Croyle-Nielsen Therapeutic Associates, Inc. is proud to offer a broad range of services for adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (I.D.D.) and Autism.

  • Residential Services

  • Behavior Support Services

  • Community Participation Support Services

  • Supported Employment Services

Residential Services

Croyle-Nielsen Therapeutic Associates offers a residential program with the same uncompromising insistence on quality that characterizes all our services. Positive behavioral approaches and therapeutic philosophies guide all levels of the program.

Residents who stay with C-NTA will be supported by staff members who have been selected on the basis of professional ability and personal character. All of our homes are beautiful and comfortable and have been personally selected and decorated by the owners of C-NTA. “It is so important to us that our homes are places that we would be happy to call home ourselves. That is why we personally take the time to make sure that they are just as nice as our own home” – Amy Nielsen, C-NTA President

Our Interim Residential Program Director, Merissa Sandusky, can be reached at 814-266-2244

Behavior Support Services

Our services are person-centered, responsive, adaptive, effective, and of the very highest quality. The program has three main pillars:

  • Customization: Every client is different, and we make sure we develop a program best suited to each individual’s needs. Assessments, tools, and customized support strategies are all part of what makes our services so effective in quickly correcting behavior problems in adults with I.D.

  • Direct support approach: Our staff meets one with one with the client and provides a centralized experience. We meet with the treatment providers and family to review the BSP plan.

  • Tool Creation: We develop intervention programs to help individuals follow a routine to change modify behaviors.

To discuss our Behavior Support Services program, please contact Behavior Support Services Director Carrie Shawley at 814-701-2898 or by email at

Community Participation Support Services

These services enable adults with intellectual disabilities to participate more fully in community activities – such as groups, associations, clubs, and volunteer opportunities – thus increasing independence, self-esteem, and skills. Specific goals include:

  • Increasing potential for employment

  • Learning to navigate the community using public and private transportation

  • Identifying and participating in activities that are fulfilling and provide a sense of responsibility

  • Developing and maintaining relationships and social networks

To discuss our Community Participation Supports program, please contact, Sabrina Barnosky at 814-266-2244 or by email at

Supported Employment Services

Croyle-Nielsen provides Supported Employment services in which we help adults with intellectual disabilities with employment in the local community and also acquiring the skills to become productive and valuable employees.

To discuss our Supported Employment program, please contact, Sabrina Barnosky at 814-266-2244 or by email at

  • Changes in living/family arrangements

  • Counseling sessions including partners, spouses, and family members

  • Family, parenting, or relationship problems

  • Abusive and unhealthy relationships